About Us

An entertainment and audio visual company that transforms events or locations into extraordinary experiences.

ES.AV LLC is a state of the art audio visual company that provide professional and reliable services to its customers. We offer world class services, while making it affordable for our customers in the DMV area. ES.AV LLC will turn the theme of your event, from a dream and idea into a lifetime reality. Our design and style will set the stage to create a memorable experience for your audience.

At ES.AV LLC, we believe that in the right light, at the right time, anything can be extraordinary. We will transform your location or event into an extraordinary experience.

We are a full-service wedding entertainment company that was built from the (dance) floor up. Our personalized and hassle-free event coordination will free your time and energy to fully immerse yourself in the experience of this special day. Our mission is to allow you to relax and enjoy the process, while our team of talented event designers, lighting programmers, and sound technicians bring your vision into reality. We will create the perfect ambiance using our top of the line lighting equipment and we will create a soundtrack for your wedding that will make sure that every moment is just right, from the romance of your first dance to the high energy dance party we all love at our favorite weddings. We look forward to sharing your special day with you and helping to make it an experience that neither you nor your guests will soon forget. Contact us today to explore which of our many services is right for you: